Lets build a PDC course for Alachua County!!!

permaculture_flowerThe popularity of Permaculture Design is increasing worldwide, and this has resulted in a growing demand for Permaculture Design Certification courses. Since permaculture design varies according to unique ecological, social and economic contexts, there is no singular PDC course that can meet the needs of learners in different locales and situations. As a result, many communities are designing their own courses that will target their unique needs. This ADDIE4PDC course provides a step-by-step framework to guild aspiring PDC instructional designers toward creating  a PDC course that will meet the specific needs of their local community.

Goals of this Course:

  • Appreciate and apply instructional design practices in the creation of a PDC course in for Alachua County
  • Understand the ADDIE Instructional Design model and use strategies in each phase to create a PDC course for Alachua County

This course will help you establish goals for your PDC, create learning objectives toward meeting those goals, and design lessons that will carry students toward achieving the learning objectives and meeting the overall goals of the course. Begin by establishing a unified set of goals in the Introductory Lesson.