Learning Objectives

  • understand the Development stage of ADDIE
  • collect and adopt teaching strategies, delivery methods, and assessment criteria
  • produce first draft of PDC course.

The Development stage initiates the production and testing of the methods and strategies adopted in the PDC course. Course designers must make use of the data collected from the Analysis (planning) and Design (structuring) stages to create a comprehensive instructional program that will deliver the resources necessary for learners to reach the goals of the course.  Development is action toward production and testing. It begins by creating a team, allocating tasks to each team member, setting goals for each task, and producing an instructional course.  At the end of the development phase, the team should have a comprehensive collection of course content and materials (readings, audio, visual, tactile), criteria-based assessment tools, delivery methodologies and formative and summative feedback protocols.The YOUTUBE video below by Gardner offers a brief overview of the development phase in the ADDIE instructional model.

Teambuilding and Task Allocation

Course development requires an assemblage of individuals to carryout the specific tasks necessary to develop a PDC course. Some generic roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinator: oversees the production process, ensures tasks are met, teamwork is taking place, all members are working effectively, all teaching materials are appropriate, instrctional design meets learning objectives which meat theoverall goals of the PDC
  • Instructional Designer: acquires and assembles learning materials
  • Instructors: deliver course materials
  • Multi-media Specialists: produce teaching materials using audio, video, graphics, etc
  • Copyright coordinator: ensure legal use of all teaching materials
  • Administrator: manages student registration and information, fiscal transactions, costs of instruction, instructor payment, etc

Now is the time to begin building the PDC course for Alachua County. Take a moment to review the wide variety of Permaculture teaching resources available online via the readings below.


cliparti1_discussion-clipart_03For Discussion:

Research and share permaculture-oriented instructional content (text, audio, video, and tactile) and make suggestions for production and delivery strategies. Post on the Comments below.



Group Project:

Create team chart to allocate roles and responsiblities of course PDC developers related to content, production and delivery, and assign tasks to PDC roles related to course content, production and delivery as it relates to learning objectives.




Create a prototype for the PDC course for Alachua County


Resources and Further Reading

Aritzhaupt et al. ADDIE Explained accessed on February 5, 2016.

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