Applying Anthropology

Now that you are nearing the end of the course, you should have a more thorough understanding of the history of the field of anthropology, the theoretical approaches used in the discipline, the various methods used in anthropological research, and the relevance of anthropology across disciplines.  During the final stretch of this course, you will be expected to not only demonstrate your understanding of the material presented in this website, including the films and readings, but to also demonstrate your ability to employ an anthropological perspective through a simple project.

As you move through this module, it is important that you keep the ‘goals’ of this course in mind:

  • Understand how human diversity and cultural phenomenon are shaped by specific socio-historical circumstances,
  • Recognize how structural forces shape the human experience in diverse and dynamic ways,
  • Identify how individuals and groups exert agency and initiate change locally and globally,
  • Critically examine how socially constructed ideas (such as gender, race, nationality, etc.) generate real effects on human realities,
  • Appreciate the broader contributions of anthropological research,
  • Understand how anthropological theories and methods can be applied across multiple disciplines and professions.

Discussion: Consider the goals of this course. In what ways have you developed a better understanding of diversity as it relates to Peoples & Cultures of the World? What new ideas did you gain from this course? In what ways can you apply the terms and concepts from this course to your day to day interactions in a culturally diverse world?