Interdisciplinary Anthropology

Extra Credit:

The first module mentioned that anthropology is interdisciplinary because it draws from other fields such as history, medicine, philosophy, ecology etc. Anthropologists often collaborate with scholars in other fields in order to produce interdisciplinary research. How does the field of anthropology apply to or contribute to your Major/field of study? Find an academic article or book that presents an anthropological perspective in your discipline and provide a brief overview of the information presented in the publication (Be sure to include a link). What is the significance of that research? Assist at least two of your coursemates by sharing a link to an anthropological article or book that relates to their field as a reply to their post.

(If Anthropology is your major, identify which of the four fields is your area of concentration, and locate an article that presents collaborative research in a discipline outside of anthropology.)

When you complete the discussion, focus the rest of your attention in this class to the final project and exam.