Final Project

The Final Project is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the material presented in this course. It consists of two parts: a five-page paper and a digital poster that present an anthropological perspective on a specific cultural ‘community’. For the purpose of the project, ‘community’ is broadly defined as a social group sharing a learned culture.  This can include a religious community, an online community, an activist community, a tribal community, a professional association, etc. It is extremely important, however, that the community is narrowly focused (ie to a precise geographic area such as a city or village, membership, etc) in order to address the unique social and historical circumstances that have shaped the experiences of that cultural community and contribute to diversity. This is covered in the Households & Families section as the ‘Myth of Community’ in the second module. If you have any doubts, it is always best to propose your selected community in the Class Communication discussion forum prior to working on your project.

Conducting Research for Your Project

Scholarly research

Scholarly Search Engines

Discussion: Produce an annotated bibliography for your  selected community using at least five scholarly resources.

For information on annotated bibliographies and how to make one, visit the following resources;