African Studies

African Studies is a multidisciplinary field that not only addresses the rich diversity of African cultures and societies, but also explores the humanities, histories, economies, politics, and environments (geology, geography, zoology, agriculture, etc.) in Africa.  African Studies is an ideal complement to any disciplinary major because it provides international grounding in an area of the world that is extremely important to the United States. The continent has some of the fastest growing economies in the world, such as tourism and agriculture; it is rich in critical resources, such as coltan, phosphate, and petroleum; and the northern portion of the continent is strategically located near the Middle East. In light of the increasing demand for people who study Africa, or Africanists, African Studies can open the door to a wide range of professions, from foreign relations and international business to health-related careers, social work and environmental science.

Santa Fe provides a wide range of resources for students to integrate African Studies into their current program. Existing courses, such as African Humanities (HUM 2420) and Human Origins (ANT 2511), offer in-depth instruction in Africa-related topics and these courses can be applied toward the undergraduate minor in African Studies at the University of Florida.

In partnership with the University of Florida, SF students can enroll in African-language courses at UF to earn the foreign language credits required for graduation and/or university admission. SF also hosts an affordable study-abroad program in Ghana that incorporates college credit with adventure and cultural enrichment.  Several scholarships provide financial assistance that help make African Studies possible for all interested students, and many professional and academic associations network professionals, scholars and students in African Studies. Students interested in African Studies at Santa Fe can join Students in African Studies (SAS) and/or participate in the African Garden project at SF. There is an abundance resources for students and faculty to learn more about Africa and incorporate African Studies into the existing curriculum.

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