Asian Studies Courses

A wide variety of Asia-related courses at Santa Fe provide opportunities to internationalize your major and earn the International Studies Certificate.

Chinese Language Study

Learn Chinese at Santa Fe! Chinese I, II, and III not only meet the foreign language requirement for the AA and admission to state universities, they open the door to communication with more than one billion Chinese language speakers throughout the world.

Study Abroad in Beijing, China

The Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors are just a few attractions included in Santa Fe's Study Abroad in Bejing China. Scholarships available through International Education.

Chinese Club

The Chinese Club at Santa Fe is a great way to make new friends while engaging in Asian Studies!

Asian Studies Learning Resources

Santa Fe and UF offer a wide variety of learning and teaching resources to add Asia-related content to your curriculum.


Santa Fe offers a variety of Asia-related courses in many different departments, and SF's Chinese Club makes Asian Studies fun!

Language Study

Chinese language study at Santa Fe is a great way to meet foreign language requirements and open the door to cross-cultural communication.

Study Abroad

Santa Fe's Study Abroad Program in Bejing, China offers a unique opportunity for cultural immersion in Chinese Language & Culture.


Santa Fe offers a wide range of resources and opportunities for students and faculty to incorporate Asia-related content into their curriculum.

Santa Fe in Beijing, China

cultural immersion through study abroad at Santa Fe


Explore Asia in Gainesville, FL