by Steven Ortiz

The Rose or Rosa is a throwned, multi petaled flower which can bloom in different colors like red, blue, yellow and white; and has as many as 150 different kinds of species. This flower is native to china but is able to grow all over the world on and off season from mid spring to fall. From the discovery of certain fossils it is estimated that the rose is about 35 million years old. These flowers are sold for people to show passion and love, as well for health and beauty products.



The largest exporters of roses to the United states are Colombia and Ecuador. These rose farmers make 12 percent of their annual income on Rose exports for Valentines day alone. In preparation for this day around 450 million flowers are exported. Here is an illustration of how many rose were imported last year.


Just like poems and songs artist use their skills to capture and express the beauty of a rose. According to experts at Quarry Hill Botanical Garden, the painting “Allegory with venus and cupid”(1529) by the Florentine Angelo Bronzino (1503-1572) is the first reference to the China rose known in Europe.

Colors and Significance:

Red: Love, Beauty, Respect

White: Purity, Innocence

Pink:Appreciation, Admiration, Gentleness

Yellow: Joy, Friendship


Health and Beauty:

Rose Petals are used by spas to exert peace and tranquility. Rose baths are common for these purposes. The rose water is good for the skin and the fragrance released by the soaked petals give you the relaxing feel at the spa.

Rose hips have medicinal purposes. The fruit of the rose provides Vitamin C which is great for fighting colds or flus. The hips also help with certain stomach disorders which include stomach irritation and ulcers. They are also used for diarrhea, constipation,gallstones, gallbladder ailments, lower urinary tract and kidney disorders, fluid retention (dropsy or edema), gout, back and leg pain (sciatica), diabetes, high cholesterol, weight loss, high blood pressure, chest ailments, fever, increasing immune function during exhaustion, increasing blood flow in the limbs, increasing urine flow and quenching thirst (webmd).

Food and Drinks:

Rose tea is a very common way to drink the flavours this flower has to offer. The ingredients you will need are 2 cups fresh fragrant rose petals (about 15 large roses), 3 cups water, and Honey or granulated sugar to taste. Here is a short video on how to make it.

Even Bars try to implement roses in cocktails.  Its has been called “Coming Up Roses”, a twist from the traditional mojito whose ingredients are rose petals, lime, rum and champagne.

Rose hips which are the fruit that the plant produces can be found in soups, jelly, syrup, pies and wine. This slightly bitter part of the plant is high in vitamin C.






In medieval Christian symbolism the red rose stood for blood shed by Jesus on the Cross (“the rose made red by the blood of Christ in his passion” ) and martyrs during tortures. Thus red rose symbolizes God’s love. Christian authorities made the white rose (the queen of flowers) as a symbol of Mary, the Queen of Heaven.


Cultural Significance: