The Global Context

global-network_303After touching on the theories and approaches that shape development programs, policies and initiatives as well as the social foundations in which development takes place, this module will establish the broader, global, contexts in which international relations and development policies and practices have emerged. In order to understand the present, we must look to the past. This module will begin by taking a look at the colonial era and the ways that occupation and exploitation of people and resources laid the groundwork for worldwide patterns of poverty that exist today. It will move into the development of the Modern World System as a worldwide social arrangement of nations after World War Two and how it shaped the development of the contemporary global economy. The module will conclude with a brief overview of Globalization and the ways that global phenomenon articulates with local social and cultural systems and creates new unique scenarios.


Touch base with your classmates. How are you doing in this course? What are your thoughts on international development? Have they changed or stayed the same? What are your favorite readings or videos? Which are your least favorite? Are you looking for a study partner? Feel free to post a video response or written response.

When you complete the discussion, move on to the Colonialism lesson.