Final Project

Public Service Announcement/Advertisement (PSA)

Create a digital PSA that addresses a specific intercultural conflict (such as racism, homophobia, hate crimes, ethnic violence, sexual harassment, discrimination, ethnic profiling, marginalization, etc.) and aims to raise public awareness and promote cross-cultural understanding. It is important to be specific, such as ‘Racial violence in the public school system,’ ‘Exploitation of migrant farmworkers,’ or ‘Indigenous language endangerment in Alaska’. Use the information presented in the course to identify the structural circumstances shaping the conflict, and propose potential solutions that will facilitate understanding. The PSA can be in any form: video, poster, song, radio announcement, etc.

Previous examples (shared with permission)

Predatory Lending Radio PSA by Taylor Shrum


I will be available during office hours and via appointment to assist students with planning and development. Student PSAs will be included on the course website unless the student objects in writing prior to the project due date.

Production Resources:

Posters, Brochures: Canva