Final Project Description

The Final Project is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the material presented in this course. It consists of two parts: a five-page paper and a digital poster that present an anthropological perspective on a specific cultural ‘community’.

For discussion, review the criteria posted on the Final Project  webpage and create an outline (200= words) for your final paper. Your outline should include the elements listed below. It is acceptable to present your outline using bullets, numbers and/or paragraph form. At the end of your outline, include a list of bibliographic resources that you will use in your paper and project.  *For full credit, you must provide constructive criticism, or suggested ways that someone can improve their outline/paper, for at least three other students.

Paper Structure should include an Introduction, Body and Conclusion:

Introduction: The introduction should provide a general overview of the community and a brief statement about the community that reflects patterns in the data you collected during research. As a result, you should write the intro LAST.

Body: The body of your paper is comprised of organized data that supports a statement in your introduction. Organize the body on thematic trends; this can be Diversity within the community (demographics such as gender, age, race, etc), Socio-historical Contexts (the unique social and historical circumstances that have shaped, and continue to shape, the experiences of the cultural community), Cultural Expressions (examples of a cultural artifacts produced by the community that expresses the experiences, ideas, values and beliefs of the community), Contemporary Challenges (What type of challenge does your selected community face, what are the consequences, and how is the community dealing with / adapting to it?)  You will identify the trends as you conduct research. Be sure to identify the sources of your research for in-text referencing, as well as relevant lessons where you will draw terms and concepts from the course in your paper.

Conclusion: The Conclusion is an analysis of the information presented in the body, and it should tie into your conclusion. Consider the goals of course posted on the first page of the syllabus.

Bibliography: This is a properly formatted reference page listing ALL of the sources used in your research and should be tied into in-text referencing within the body of your paper.

The Final Project is a key part of your final grade in this course. Please review the grading criteria in the syllabus and post any questions about the project in the ‘Class Communication’ Forum on Bb. In addition, the Final project webpage includes several useful resources for researching and writing a paper.