Final Project

The final  project is a reflection of what you have learned in this course and your ability to demonstrate your understanding of African Humanities in the context of your selected country.  You will be expected to build on the research you have been conducting on your selected country throughout the semester to develop a thesis-based research paper and accompanying poster related to cultural phenomena in your county.

The final project paper will assess a student’s ability to meet the GELO for Global and Socio-Cultural Responsibility: “Demonstrate an understanding of diversity/pluralism in the world community, and an awareness of civic and social participation and ethical and informed decision-making.” (GE Humanities C). This makes it critically important to review all criteria in the assignment description, to complete all project-related activities (including peer review extra credit) included in the Final Project Module in Canvas, and to allocate sufficient time toward researching and writing a paper and creating an accompanying poster.  It is not unusual for students to fail the course and/or the GELO because they did not follow project directions.

Final Project Development Steps include:

  • creating an annotated bibliography
  • creating an outline of the research paper
  • writing the paper and submitting to peer review
  • creating accompanying poster and submitting to peer review.

To begin, go to the Bibliography Lesson.