Welcome to HUM2020

HUM 2020 Introduction to the Humanities will introduce students to the ways that the humanities shape and are shaped by the human experience.  This course approaches humanities as cultural expression that includes, but is not limited to: visual arts, performance art, literature, music, philosophy, film & cinema, theory, and religion. It will address a wide range of meaningful themes and ideas expressed within the humanities such as love, truth, happiness, nature, freedom, representation, oppression, gender & sexuality, identity, morality & ethics, power, religion & spirituality, cultural connections and collisions, history, and more. Special emphasis will be given to human diversity and cross-cultural analysis of international contexts.

The course includes discussion-based analytical exercises, creative right-brain activities, timed assessments on terms and concepts introduced in each lesson, and a research-based creative project. Students may also earn extra credit by participating in events outside of class.

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